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At InBestThing our vision is to be the Geniuses of Innovation, investing in the Next Best Thing that will transform existing markets and create disruptive innovation.

We believe that the latest in inventive technology can be a produce of idea-nergetic individuals sourced from the same place most corporates from many countries outsource their day-to-day corporate, finance and admin tasks. A country with a population of 105 million people and a highly educated median age of 23, the Philippines is an idea pit ready for mining.


Ramon comes from a media and technology background who has worked in high profile projects such as the Sydney 2000 Olympic games, Sydney Fashion Week and the Federal Budget in Canberra. He graduated from Monash University with a Bachelors of Computing degree majoring in Multimedia Technology. His passion for business and technology led him to venture into insurance, wine exports to Asia and entrepreneurship. He founded In Best Thing, a start-up company mining the genius minds of Philippine universities and technology hubs.

Ramon currently sits on the board of the Australia Philippines Business Council as director and chair for membership promoting trade and business between Australia and the Philippines. He continues to support and liaise with other business councils to support Australian businesses expand into Asia.

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Matija is a well known LinkedIn Personality, Founder, Coach and Startup Mentor. Matija has worked with global companies and been featured in multiple publications. She graduated University with a Double Bachelors in Japanese Language and Management and lectured for James Cook University. She was the face of multiple marketing campaigns aimed at international education and continues to advocate the importance of cross-cultural communication, global mindedness and collaborative innovation.

Matija is the Founder of The Paradigm Effect, a branding agency that delivers workshops and training to medium and large enterprises. Matija also works closely with Startups as a branding and development mentor and has interviewed over 30 Founders for her LinkedIn series ‘Creators of Positive Change’. With several coaching accreditations she is a versatile coach and speaker.

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Carlo is a serial entrepreneur who has been an advocate of entrepreneurship and startups for over 15 years shortly after he completed his MBA from the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He helped integrate Entrepreneurship in the National High School curriculum of the Philippines and trained teachers, students professionals and the like. He continues to teach entrepreneurship throughout the country with various organizations. 

Carlo is a known startup founder and mentor in the Philippines. He was recognized as the Boss for Mobile Readiness by Rappler and Smart during the BeTheBoss Awards and was also awarded as one of the Most Influential Global Marketers of the World by the World Marketing Congress. He continues to support, teach and guide Philippine Startups as an Angelpreneur, Teacher and Mentor. 


Genius Investors

At InBestThing we source and cultivate the next best thing in innovation from our Idea Geniuses in the Philippines and present them to our Genius Investors. Genius Investors will always be the first to know when an exciting idea is ready to be invested in.

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The Australia Philippines Business Council proudly recognizes In Best Thing’s vision for the Philippines and supports its quest for innovation and new business ideas. We are supportive of the fact that IBT is connecting the entrepreneurial talent of the Philippines to the investment community of Australia. We will work closely with the team at In Best Thing P/L for the betterment of both the Australian and Philippine Business Communities.


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We all have the potential to tap into our inner genius and bring next level innovation to the world. At InBestThing we are here to invest in the next best thing and cultivate Idea Geniuses who are solving global problems with innovative solutions.

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When an Investor joins us at IBT they become a Genius Investor. We connect our Investors with Genius Ideas straight out of the Philippines. Investors gain access to our online Investor Portal where we provide constant updates on the Philippines Startup Ecosystem.

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When a Startup joins IBT they become an Idea Genius. We connect our Idea Geniuses with suitable investors. Idea Geniuses gain access to our online Idea Genius Portal where we provide the support and education to build the next best thing to present to our Genius Investors.

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